USING REAL ESTATE AS A VEHICLE TO HELP KIDS & FAMILIES.👪 When you put others first, YOU will never be second. Mother Teresa says it well: "Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with 💖Great Love!"

Every time we receive payment from a referral to help someone make a move by way of our trade marked programs and proprietary success services, a percentage of every payment gets sent to benefit kids and families locally and globally who are in need!

You are a good person and help when possible, the majority of us are. This is where Giving Wishes Realty tries to help facilitate action towards donating more regularly on behalf of home sellers and buyers so that more impact can be made, more often and in more places to kids and families who need it most. When you sell, buy and refer someone through Giving Wishes Realty, without extra financial necessity YOU ACTUALLY ARE helping wishes come true for real people who desperately need it. Would you like to see pictures of these you've helped?! Certainly! It's our pleasure and thank you for asking!   If you've always wanted to do more and help people in need but just couldn't by way of financial contribution, you can do it here by referring someone looking to make a housing move by filling the form on this page. Not only will your referral benefit from our trade marked programs and proprietary success services but you can rest assured, you have also helped kids and families in need. You may also save and give out the link to this page here 

You, Me, we only have a certain amount of time left right? So what if every person who had a job out there gave a portion of every cheque they received, no matter the amount, how many more impoverished kids and adults alike would smile, sleep better, feel loved, be helped, have hope for a better future!? Let's not forget to give.

Paul Busca and the Giving Wishes Team thank you and know the Kids & Families do also!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of our worthy causes we help are: 
(Global cause) Sleeping Children Around the World where 100% of your dollar gets used to provide essentials for the kids (no admin cost)
(Canada wide cause) The Childrens Wish Foundation where kids with life threatening illness have their wishes brought to life!

Coming soon:
Local abuse shelters for women and children
Local food bank
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